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RIO and Naila Novaranti Announce Delay for Cleaning Up Muara Cisadane Garbage for June 2021



FEM Indonesia  – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation that has not yet subsided and following the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 01 of 2021 concerning the Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities or PPKM in Java and Bali to Control the Spread of Covid-19 which is still being extended until 8 February.

RIO or Restoring Integrity To The Ocean, Inc (PT. Indonesia Oceans Integrity), a waste care company from America together with international skydiver Coach Naila Novaranti announced that the schedule for dredging and cleaning up garbage at Muara Kali Cisadane, Teluk Burung, Tangerang Regency will have to Postpone

RIO, represented by Naila Novaranti, revealed that due to the situation and conditions that were not possible, he finally decided to postpone the schedule for cleaning up the garbage which was previously held on February 6. This was also done to finalize the coordination with various parties so that later the dredging process would run smoothly and on target together.

“Seeing the increasingly difficult situation because the Covid pandemic has not subsided and we all volunteers who care about waste follow PPKM rules from the Government, finally decided to postpone the cleaning schedule for Muara Cisadane garbage until 12 June 2021. and other steakholders who will join together, “said Naila Novaranti in a press release on Thursday (4/1/2021).

Naila, who was awarded the award in 2010 as the 2019 Women of the Year, the Pancasila Icon and the MURI Award in the action of jumping at the Atlantic Pole, added that with this postponement, his party hopes to make the waste cleaning plan more well coordinated with various parties including with ministries and governments.

“Insha Allah, with a rather long period of time, we hope that our action to care about the waste that the RIO company has proposed will be better in personal readiness of the thousands, the readiness of heavy equipment and coordination with various parties smoothly by involving elements of the TNI, POLRI. , Tangerang Regency Government to the center and the community, “added Naila.

Naila said that the dredging and cleaning activities at the Cisadane River Estuary are indeed not easy because you have to really pay attention to the location and weather conditions that can change at any time which will have an impact on the condition of the garbage there.

“Like if the sea water suddenly rises, garbage which is 3 to 5 kilometers wide and 3 meters thick, such as soil will be covered with water and it will make it difficult to lift the trash to heavy equipment. That is what we think carefully,” said Naila.

Naila hopes that with the postponement schedule until next June, his party can be very prepared for all these obstacles and hopes that the Covid 19 pandemic situation will begin to subside.

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Starting to be busy training, Naila Novaranti Announces Resigning from the Waste Care Action



FEM English News– World female trainer and parachutist from Indonesia, Naila Novaranti, through a press release, announced on Tuesday (23/3/2021) that she had resigned from the volunteer team that cares for trash initiated by the RIO company or Restoring Integrity To The Ocean .Inc . USA Company , (PT. Indonesia Oceans Integrity), a company that cares about waste.

Naila Novaranti revealed that his resignation from the team was due to not only because he began to find it difficult to communicate with several parties, but also the return to Her busy schedule as a world coach will Start Travelling Again to America and Europe in the near future.

Naila resigned from the volunteer team to care about Rubbish with RIO, which plans to clean up large garbage in Muara Tanjung Burung, Tangerang Regency this year.

“I made this decision after I thought carefully about it some time ago and my schedule was getting busy again for the next few months to train In Europe and the USA,” explained Naila Novaranti.

Winner of the 2019 Women of the Year and MURI award for parachuting in the Atlantic continent, emphasized that his resignation was not due to pressure from any party, but She also began to feel difficulties in communicating With RIO It Self and coordinating as a volunteer For Technical Procedur & Detail ON Fields

“Even Thou is hard decision, She saying Best Of Luck For the team of volunteer care for garbage planning to clean up large garbage at the Cisadane River Estuary, Tanjung Burung, Tangerang Regency will continue to run smoothly and successfully. And now I am concentrating on my job as a Skydiver Athlete &trainer That Starting active Again since the COVID-19 pandemic, ” said Naila.

Naila joined as a volunteer to care for waste with RIO since last year and has participated directly in surveying & Attending few presentation At the location in Muara Tanjung Burung several times Supported By many parties including the Indonesian National Police and local officials. Naila’s action was highlighted by the world because it was Planning To clean up large trash in Indonesia in one day in a Short Time. [natakusuma]

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Respect PPKM, RIO Postponed the Schedule of Cleaning Garbage at Muara Cisadane



FEM English News – Deadline of preparations to respect PPKM regulations throughout Java and Bali because of Covid 19, Restoring Integrity To The Ocean, Inc. (PT. Indonesia Oceans Integrity (RIO), decided to postpone the schedule for cleaning up garbage at Muara Kali Cisadane, Tangerang Regency.

The schedule, which was originally to be held on January 23, will be changed to early February 2021. This decision was made when RIO, represented by Keiran Kelly, conducted a second survey with the Tangerang Regency DLHK team, as well as international paratrooper Naila Novaranti and with several volunteers who care about garbage.

The Chief Executive Officer of RIO, Kieran Kelly, when he was on a pile of rubbish during a survey at the site on Friday (14/1/2021), said that the waste problem is no longer a problem for one country. But it has become a global problem. Garbage in the sea, he said, could pollute marine areas in various parts of the world.

“The problem of waste is all of us. We are ready to help clean up the trash in the Cisadane estuary. Of course we also need support from various elements of society. Especially from the central government, from the local government, the TNI, Polri and other stakeholders,” said Kieran Kelly. Kelly said, anyone can help this garbage cleaning action.

The survey is being carried out again, said Keiran, to map various steps such as dredging preparation, around the location, heavy equipment, transfer routes, and how to overcome the various obstacles that will be faced during the massive dredging of waste which is planned to be carried out in February.

Meanwhile Naila Novaranti, who participated as a volunteer, explained that the plan to dredge waste was indeed in January, but because of Covid 19, which was increasingly massive and there was the implementation of PPKM throughout Java and Bali, the plan was postponed.

“We are here, conducting a field survey to map what is needed, preparation of dredging around the site, heavy equipment to be used, the route to be traversed, and estimates of the obstacles that might be faced and how to overcome them later,” said Naila.

According to Naila, in addition to the route of transporting trash which is not easy to find, one must also pay attention to the times of the tide and low tide. Because trash like an island will only be visible when the sea water recedes. “When the water receded only lasted a short time, around four hours. So that’s when we have to work fast to remove the trash,” explained Naila.

Regarding the steps of cleaning up trash with an area of ​​up to kilometers which requires a lot of volunteers. Naila revealed that he would involve around 3000 volunteers. “Even though there will be a lot of people involved, we will stick to health protocols. And these volunteers do not gather at one point. Because the area is up to 5 kilometers, their duties are also divided, some are on board, there are heavy equipment, there are small boats, and so on, “said Naila.

Head of the Tangerang Regency Environment and Forestry Service (DLHK), Ahmad Taufik by telephone, said that his party would be very happy if someone wanted to help in overcoming this waste problem. Location survey activities have also been carried out in coordination with the local district government.

“Indeed, this survey activity is a follow-up to the results of our coordination meeting yesterday. If we have surveyed we know what the obstacles are. The most important thing is coordination between stakeholders because this is a big job. If possible, it also involves the central and provincial governments,” said Ahmad Taufik.

Ahmad Taufik added, his party will also encourage the participation of the surrounding community to help clean up garbage at the Cisadane river estuary.

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Approaching Muara Cisadane Plastic rubbish Dredging, RIO Audition of Tangerang District DLHK



FEM Indonesia – An international company that cares about the environment and waste, RIO or Restoring Integrity To The Ocean, Inc. (PT. Indonesia Oceans Integrity) which is based in America, recently announced Right at that moment They will help Indonesia government in Tangerang handling waste in the oceans.

The Plastic garbage that is of concern to Rio is what happens to pile up like an island which ends at the end of the Cisadane river, Tanjung Burung, Teluk Naga District, Tangerang Regency.

Rio, together with a team of volunteers who care about waste in Indonesia and Naila Novaranti, the trainer, international Skydiver together with other stakeholders will take social action by dredging garbage at the Tanjung Burung location earlier this year.

Before starting his action of concern for the garbage that is felt to pollute the estuary and the oceans, Rio had an audition with the Environment and Sanitation Office or DLHK Tangerang Regency. Rio, who was represented by Kieran Kelly as the Chief Executive Officer, discussed the plan by auditing with the Head of the DLHK Tangerang Regency Office, Ahmad Taufik and Team.

During the meeting, various steps were discussed, such as dredging preparation, around the location, heavy equipment, and how to overcome various obstacles in the event of dredging large solid waste such as land.

“We are grateful for the idea of ​​dredging the waste in the Cisadane River Estuary, and warmly welcome and appreciate it as high as possible. We, the Tangerang Regency Government will help. Support it as well as possible and hopefully this plan will run well and be successful,” he said. Ahmad Taufik to the media crew at the Tangerang Regency Hall, “Monday (11/1/2021).

Taufik explained that the audition meeting was in order to discuss several matters regarding technical implementation, such as equipment that must be prepared, the number of personnel to be prepared, then several matters related to transporting waste by land and sea.

Ahmad Taufik also appreciated the location of the trash after cleaning it would be made one of the destinations for national and international parachuting on the idea of ​​Ryan Mac (UK). Naila Novaranti said. “If this activity is successful, of course, it means that the location will be attractive and not only a tourism location but also a sports location, such as water sports, skydiving, jogging, running and so on,” said Taufik.

Meanwhile, Keiran Kelly himself revealed that the audition turned out to be a very good response for the waste dredging plan in the short and long term. “We, Rio, are very grateful because finally all parties have started to join forces, because waste is a global problem, including in Indonesia. This is also a tremendous step forward to be able to work with us and Indonesia,” said Kelly Keiran.

This man from the United States also hopes that before cleaning the Plastic garbage, it is hoped that there will be many parties who can and want to help such as volunteers, related parties, people who care about waste to the ministry. “Because To Make The Day Success it will require a lot of Man Power assistance Also need A Lots of heavy equipment, trucks and so on to transport Hundreds of tons garbage. We are very open,” hoped Keiran Kelly.

In the meeting that took place at the Pendopo, Rio in addition to collaborating with Naila Novaranti, and the National & international athletes, Deni TX, Indonesian skateboard coach Sukisno, skydiver, yudha Pondok Aren District and Chris ings (British ). and Turmudzi volunteers. [kristiaprilia]

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